Tips for New Residents

If you’re new to the Syracuse area, or considering moving here, we hope the Tips for New Residents provided in Q & A format below will help make the transition easier for you! Simply click on each question to view the answer.

Q. How can I find out what’s happening in the community?

A. The best ways to stay informed about what’s going on in Syracuse are to:

  • Call or email the City Offices and ask to join their “Parks & Rec email list”. This will keep you informed about youth sports programs (baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tumbling, football, etc.), adult rec leagues, and other area events for people of all ages!
  • Check the activities listed under Events on this website. Many community-wide events have their own page on this site, so check it out for specific dates, times and more.
  • Visit to see when school related events will be held! Discover opportunities to enjoy: sporting events, music concerts, plays, art shows, special fundraisers and more.
  • Tune into the local radio station, B103-News Channel Nebraska (103.1 FM), or subscribe to the local newspaper, the Syracuse Journal-Democrat, to find out what’s happening in and around Syracuse. Area residents may also receive the Penny Press free of charge, which often promotes events throughout Southeastern Nebraska.

Q. How far in advance do I need to sign-up my child for daycare or preschool?

A. Due to our growing community, daycares and preschools are in high demand. There is often a waiting list for these services. If you need (or will be needing) childcare, contact a local daycare provider to reserve a spot as soon as you are able. In order to reserve a spot for preschool, do so shortly after your child is born, or as soon as you know you will be relocating.

Q. How do working parents get kids to activities during the day?

A. The local Handi-Bus can transport children for a reasonable fee but space is limited, so be sure to contact the Handi-Bus well in advance. Simply call the Senior Center at 402-269-2957 to reserve your child’s spot on the Handi-Bus. Another option is to ask your child’s teacher for help in identifying other families who may be interested in carpooling.

Q. Is there public transportation available here?

A. The Otoe County Handi-Bus is available for community members who need transportation within the area. This service is utilized by people who need transportation with or without a wheelchair. Simply call the Senior Center at 402-269-2957 to schedule a ride to your next appointment, weekly trip to the grocery store or pharmacy, etc.

Q. What meal options are available for seniors or shut-ins?

A. Elderly persons living in the community can enjoy a hot lunch at the Senior Center or sign-up to have Meals-on-Wheels delivered to their home. Contact the Syracuse Senior Center for details about both of these programs. There are also several area restaurants that serve lunch.

Q. Is there somewhere to get my medical labs or blood work done locally?

A. Yes, Community Memorial Hospital in Syracuse offers a Wellness Lab for confidential lab testing performed at reduced prices, paid on a cash or credit card basis. Labs are drawn by appointment, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Regular priced labs can be drawn most other days as well. Visit the CMH website for more details or call 402-269-7636 to schedule an appointment.

Q. What special celebrations are held in Syracuse?

A. Syracuse is home to many community celebrations that are open to everyone, a few of which include:

  • Memorial Day Program: Sponsored by our local American Legion & American Legion Auxiliary, this longstanding program is held at the Syracuse Cemetery on the morning of Memorial Day. Event details are typically published in the local newspaper 1-2 weeks before the event.
  • Veteran’s Day Program: Students and teachers organize an annual program that honors our veterans. This event is held on Veteran’s Day at the Syracuse Middle School and area veterans and residents are invited to attend. The event time can be found on the calendar on school website’s home page.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Held each year on the day before Easter, this event gives area children a chance to hunt for candy-filled eggs in the local park! The event time and age groups can be found in this website’s event page.
  • Tannenbaum: This Syracuse celebration observes the lighting of the Christmas Tree in the center of main street! The event is held each year the first Sunday in December. See more event activities.
  • GermanFest: Many area residents are descendants of German immigrants, so this event honors our community’s German heritage. GermanFest is held in mid-July, typically on the 2nd weekend of the month. Discover more about this event.
  • Otoe County Fair:  Syracuse is home to the Otoe County Fair! Typically held the last week of July, it offers fun for the whole family with 4-H & FFA livestock shows, displays of handmade creations, music, live entertainment, parades, bull riding, farmer olympics, and more. Get more details.
  • Ground Hog Day Celebration: Held in nearby Unadilla, NE on the first Saturday of February, people gather to celebrate Ground Hog Day! For more information, visit the event page.

Q. Does this area have a 4-H program?

A. Kids of all ages and adults can participate in the Otoe County Fair by exhibiting everything from baked goods, antiques and quilts to Lego creations and live animals! Contact the University of Nebraska – Otoe County Extension Office to find out how you can get involved in a 4-H Club or enter items in an Open Class. The local Extension Office also offers some special programs for kids over the summer.

Q. What types of products and services can I get in Syracuse?

A. You might be surprised to know that you can get almost everything you need, right here in town! Take time to shop at area businesses—because money spent locally creates tax revenue that helps keep Syracuse a clean and well-maintained community. Tax revenue also helps to fund community improvement projects such as the new swimming pool and sports complex.

Q. What resources are available for local business owners?

A. If you have a business in the area, consider joining the Syracuse Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great way to network with other professionals. As a member, you will also get a page for your company in our area business listings.

Q. Is there a public library in town?

A. The Syracuse Public Library is a brand new facility on main street that is open to everyone! Membership is free and they offer many children’s reading programs. The facility is also equipped with a few computers, free WIFI internet access, and a nice-sized conference room with kitchenette that can be rented for meetings or special events. Call 402-269-2336 for more information or visit the City of Syracuse website at

Q. Who do I contact about utility services such as phone, electric, water, etc.?

A. Stop by the City Offices located in downtown Syracuse, or visit the City of Syracuse website at for information about utility services, city ordinances and more!

Q. Where can I find information about local emergency services such as the fire department, rescue squad, and police?

A. This information is available on the City of Syracuse website at under the “City Services” tab, or at the City Offices at 402-269-2173.

Q. How can I meet people and develop a circle of friends here?

A. Most Syracuse residents welcome the opportunity to meet people who are new to the community! Here are a few of the best ways to meet people:

  • Attend High School sporting events: Community members of all ages can be seen at Syracuse sporting events, cheering on the Rockets and socializing! Admission is just a few dollars and annual activity passes are available through the high school office. Visit the school website at for a schedule of upcoming events.
  • Attend worship services in Syracuse: Everyone is welcome at the worship services offered by our many area churches. Even if you aren’t ready to join a specific church yet, you’ll meet many new people by coming to worship. Plus, the Sunday School and youth group activities are a great way for kids to make new friends. Visit our area business listings to find nearby churches.
  • Talk with other parents during your kids’ activities: Get your children involved in parks & rec or school activities. And while you’re there, take a minute to visit with other parents!
  • Play adult sports in a local rec league: Find out more about basketball and volleyball leagues from the Syracuse Parks & Rec Department.
  • Check out the Syracuse Country Club: Whether you’re an experienced golfer or a first-timer, you can enjoy meeting new people in men & women’s golf leagues. At the Syracuse Country Club, you can also participate in various tournaments, glow ball and more!
  • Get out & meet your neighbors: If you have nearby neighbors, get out and introduce yourself. When the weather is nice, you’ll find many people outside playing with their kids, doing yard work or just relaxing.
  • Participate in community events: Learn more about Syracuse and connect with local residents of all ages by attending community events such as Tannenbaum, GermanFest and Otoe County Fair! Information about area events can be found on the website.
  • Attend local fundraisers: Syracuse is known for its strong support of local organizations, school groups and churches. Area groups trying to raise funds often host benefit meals. These events are typically publicized in area newspapers, church bulletins or listed on the school calendar located at
  • Join a local organization: If you would like to be involved in an organization, contact Carolyn Gigstad, Director of the Syracuse Area Chamber of Commerce, at 402-525-5131. She will connect you to the right group based on your interests. Syracuse is home to many women’s groups, book clubs, service organizations, and more!
  • Volunteer your time & talents: The extra efforts of individuals working together are what keep our community going strong! If you have an interest in volunteering, there is sure to be an organization that would love your help. Contact Carolyn Gigstad, Director of the Syracuse Area Chamber of Commerce, at 402-525-5131 to see what types of volunteers are needed for the chamber and other organizations around the area!