Business Opportunities

Syracuse area businesses now offer a great selection of the products and services residents require. However, due to our ongoing growth, there is still a driving need for many new businesses in town. Service-based businesses seem to be especially well-supported here. We have many local people who would prefer to work in the area if more jobs were created. Based on input from residents and local leaders, we believe strong opportunity exists for the following offerings to be added to the Syracuse area business community:

  • More Preschools
  • Additional Daycares (with extended hours for commuters, and part-time care options)
  • Before & After School Program
  • More Public Transportation (to shuttle kids to/from preschool)
  • Personal Assistance Services for the Elderly (in home help and transportation options)
  • Computer Repair & Networking Services
  • Well-kept, Small to Mid-size Hotel
  • Tractor Supply or Orscheln Farm & Home Store
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • More Home Services:
    • Handy Man
    • Home Repair
    • House Cleaners
    • Painters
    • Lawn and Garden Care
    • Snow Removal
  • Additional Restaurants:
    • Steakhouse
    • Runza Franchise
    • Mexican Restaurant
  • Gymnastics Classes (for kids, taught by a trained instructor)
  • Car Dealership (for local sales and service)
  • Small to Mid-size Manufacturing Plant
  • Building with Office Space for Lease
  • More housing options:
    • More Rental Houses for Families
    • Housing for medium income


Research to see if we can come up with this… what key industries would be best served here and are a natural fit? What do we have that they want?? Let’s do our research and help people discover why it makes sense to locate HERE for their industry versus somewhere else!