Syracuse Public Schools (District 27) is known for providing students with a quality education, as well as a strong understanding of serving others. Our teaching staff is a dedicated group of individuals who focus on providing the best possible instruction for students. They take the time to help students reach their highest potential, while also getting to know the students and their families. We take pride in our academic, athletic and extracurricular activities, working to help students realize their own talents and abilities. In Syracuse, our goal is to provide a safe, secure school environment in which every student has the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to become accomplished, productive members of the ever-changing global community.

The statistic above are based on data provided by Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public Schools – District #27.

Syracuse offers a well-rounded curriculum for Pre-K through 12th grade students. From kindergarten on, we focus on core areas such as English, math, science, reading/spelling and history. At the elementary level, special emphasis is placed on listening, following directions, sharing, and building friendships. Special education programs are available to help students who are struggling to learn a certain core competency.

With our middle school and junior high age kids, we focus on responsibility, accountability and the importance of doing your best. We have programs in place that encourage students to be at school on-time and complete school work as assigned. We are fortunate to have staff that truly care about helping students develop these competencies before they move on to high school. In addition to core classes, our 7th & 8th grade students have the opportunity to gain skills in the areas of creative writing, speech, agriculture, sex education, family dynamics, keyboarding, resume building and job interview. Junior high students can also gain leadership experience by serving on the student council.

At the high school level, all 9th-12th grade students are involved in the homeroom program. It brings classmates together in small groups to learn life skills such as: teamwork, community service, proper technology use, goal setting, civic responsibility, bullying prevention, how to avoid substance abuse, problem solving and violent vs. healthy relationships. In addition to core classes, Syracuse students must complete courses in personal finance, speech and computer skills before they can graduate. Syracuse High School offers a wide range of specialty learning options for those interested in art techniques; foreign language; hands-on woodworking, metal or mechanical skills; business accounting; computer programming; principals of agriculture; and more.

As a Nebraska high school, Syracuse gives all juniors the opportunity to take the ACT placement test on a designated day, free of charge. If SDA juniors and seniors want to get a head-start on college, they can enroll in low-cost, college level courses offered in partnership with Peru State College and Southeast Community College. Students can earn credit for many types of classes, from mathematics and English taught at Syracuse High School to a broad spectrum of online learning options, ranging from medical and dental to child development and nutrition. By making the web-based ACCUPLACER test available to junior and senior students, the school can help teens identify where they are most likely to thrive in their academic pursuits before they enroll in a certain college program.

In the Syracuse area, both the school staff and those within the community take pride in helping students achieve their highest potential. Year after year, the majority of our students place above average on the annual state standards tests. Seniors graduating from SDA are known for receiving many local and regional scholarships for academics, athletics and the arts. We believe this reflects the quality of young people we have here in Syracuse.

At the elementary and junior high levels, Syracuse students in the Destination Imagination group have earned top awards at the state level and competed at nationals! Our high school vocal music program continues to receive superior ratings, and our band recently finished 2nd at district competition. The SDA select musical ensemble, Platform 11, also gives students an opportunity to showcase their musical talents. Syracuse is known for its excellent local FBLA chapter, which turns out a number of students earn top honors at state each year and go on to compete at nationals. As an ag-based community, Syracuse is proud to have a number of talented FFA students who have earned district and state honors.

Syracuse High School takes pride in having competitive athletic programs. Many of our sports teams have earned district honors and competed at the state level in the past few years: our girls track team won districts and state in 2018; our boys golf team qualified for state in 2018; the boys basketball team won districts and qualified for state in 2018; our girls volleyball team placed 2nd in district finals in both 2016 & 2017; and our wrestling team won districts and competed at state duals in 2017. In addition to a receiving a number of team honors, Syracuse High School athletes have earned many individual state champion and runner-up medals in cross country, track, wrestling and golf. Over the years, many SDA athletes have been recruited by Division I to Division III teams to compete at the collegiate level. We strive to help our athletes learn discipline that will not only serve them well as part of an athletic team, but also in their daily lives after high school and college.

At Syracuse Public Schools, our staff strives for students to have a positive educational experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. We are dedicated to being part of the team to help create these opportunities for success. Our staff believes that students who are involved in extracurricular activities within the school environment and community tend to perform better academically. That’s why we encourage students to get involved outside of the classroom through activities, clubs and community service.

From the time they are in elementary school, Syracuse students are exposed to opportunities to excel in extra-curricular activities such as math, science, music, fine arts, sports and more. We do our best to help inspire our young people to find their niche in the world! In middle school, junior high and high school, students gain access to even more organizations and special programs. Syracuse students have the chance be part of several different academic and athletic activities. For more details about what’s available, visit the school website or contact Syracuse Public Schools for more details.