In the Syracuse area, you will find dedicated employees who care about making sure a job is done right. In addition to a pool of college educated individuals who are ready to take on challenging positions, we also have a number of smart, hard working high school grads that are dependable and willing to learn new trades.

While many people in the Syracuse area commute to Lincoln or Omaha for work, most would appreciate the opportunity to work closer to home if given the opportunity. We can also connect you with state colleges, private colleges and trade schools in Nebraska that collaborate with the private sector to help connect new grads with open jobs in the area.

Browse through the tabs below to see workforce-related statistics compiled from the last census in Syracuse, Nebraska (2010), statewide statistics, annual school reporting, and local utility companies.

The statistic above are based on data provided by Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public Schools – District #27.

The statistics above are based on data from the 2000 & 2010 U.S. Census for Syracuse, Nebraska and local utility companies for the Syracuse Precinct.