We are excited to announce that we are reopening on May 5, 2020. With this being said you will see many changes when you return to our clinic. We are implementing these changes for the health of our patients and staff so please be considerate as this will most likely be an adjustment for all of us.

First off, we will require all staff to wear a N95 mask and face shield. We will be using a combination of washing our hands with soap and water, hand sanitizer, and gloves to help protect everyone in the clinic.

We will require all patients to wear a mask to enter our clinic. If you do not have a mask, we will have a supply and you can purchase one for $1.

We ask that only the patient enter the clinic unless they need assistance in which case one individual can accompany them into the clinic.

We will have the office door locked during business hours in order to control the number of individuals inside the office at one time. Therefore, when you arrive at the office we ask that you call to let us know that you have arrive. We will then either let you know that we are ready for you or we will call you back when we are. If you do not have a cell phone we will have a doorbell system that will alert us that someone is at the door and we can communicate with you about entry.

We will be monitoring temperatures prior to you entering our office. Therefore, we ask that you remove any ball caps at least 10 minutes before entering in order to provide an accurate temperature. If a fever is detected, we will ask you to reschedule for at least 2 weeks in the future.

We will question every patient about any recent travel out of the state or to any high risk areas, as well as any symptoms including fever, cough, loss of taste and/or smell.

We will have hand sanitizer available at the entry point and baggies for you to place your phone in so you are still able to use them when in the clinic without transferring germs to or from your phone.

We are also going to complete as much of the health history portion of your exam over the phone the day before your appointment, or via an email link to fill out the information before you arrive. This will help limit the amount of time that you are in the clinic.

We will have pickup lockers outside the clinic in order for you to pick up any glasses or contact lenses without entering the clinic. If you desire this option, we will notify you of your locker number and combination to pick up your materials.

To pick up materials (ie: glasses, contact lenses or vitamins) we ask that you schedule an appointment prior to coming so we can control the number of people in our clinic. If you would prefer to use our pickup lockers just inform the staff.

We will be disinfecting frequently touched areas (ie. Door handles, front, desk, pens, etc) between patients. We will also be cleaning/disinfecting any frames that are touched between patients.

Thank you,

Syracuse Family Eyecare