In support of the Nebraska Business Development Center’s Support Small Businesses 5-day Challenge, let’s show our Syracuse Area small businesses some support all week long!!  Nebraska Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a program of Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC), is pleased to announce a social media campaign to support small businesses across the state. The campaign, Support Small Businesses 5 Day Challenge, is a way that everyone can support small businesses from the safety of their home.

Find out more each day on NBDC’s Facebook Page -OR- go to the NBDC website for more details.

“We are so grateful for the partnership with America’s SBDC Iowa for sharing this social media campaign. Thank you to Lisa Shimkat, State Director and her team for creating a way to support all small businesses”, said Catherine Lang, State Director, NBDC.

The 6-part video series will consist of an announcement video on Sunday, April 26, and then a daily challenge the rest of the week. Examples of the challenge include tagging small businesses on social media, purchasing gift cards, writing online reviews, and sending caring messages to small business owners.

“Nebraska small business owners and employees are facing extraordinary challenges as a result of the impact of COVID-19. Nebraska small business owners provide jobs and support our communities by providing the incredible array of services and products that make the Nebraska economy so vibrant. This campaign is an opportunity for all of us to say thank you and support local small businesses through this difficult time. Support them now, and be there for them when we reopen our economy”, stated Lang.

To participate, follow the Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin. With each daily challenge, NBDC encourages followers to share posts to personal timelines and groups to help increase reach. The goal is to get engagement by having followers support Nebraska small businesses by completing each challenge and commenting on the NBDC post. NBDC hopes these challenges provide support to our local small businesses across the state. The hashtag for the campaign also has an encouraging message of #Back2Biz.