Coronavirus Local Impact & Resources

Daily updates and news from local businesses and organizations about how COVID-19 is impacting the Syracuse, NE Area.

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Local communication from the City of Syracuse and Syracuse Area Health, as well as national news or government programs that may be of interest to Syracuse area residents and businesses.

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City of Syracuse & Syracuse Area Health
Open Letter to Syracuse and the Surrounding Communities – 3-16-20

City of Syracuse COVID-19 Response – 3-26-20

Syracuse Area Health Website – News

Southeast District Health Department – Specific updates concerning Syracuse and Otoe County.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – Nebraska Public Health Updates & Recommendations. You can also call the DHHS COVID Information Line (402-552-6645); this number is available 7 days a week from 8am-8pm CST.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

The World Health Organization (WHO)

University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

Nebraska Office of Governor Pete Ricketts

Syracuse City Offices

Everyone is doing their best to avoid COVID-19, so here are a few tips that may help you and your family stay healthy and avoid spreading germs. You’ll also find some guidelines about what to do if you start feeling sick and how to safely care for sick family members in your home.

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Please know that this list is not all-inclusive. Due to the current social distancing guidelines, you may want to call ahead. Contact information for each business can be found in our area business listings.

Despite all that’s going on in our country and our community right now, Syracuse area businesses are doing all they can to continue to meet the needs of local residents. In turn, we encourage you to support them by shopping locally as much as possible, or buying gift certificates now to redeem in the future. You can find changes to hours and the best way for customers to access products/services amid the current situation.

Due to the impact of this situation, we are offering this service to all Syracuse Area Businesses and Organizations. Please email or call the Syracuse Area Chamber (402-269-3242) with current details about your business or organization, so we can get your information added. We will publish daily updates (received by 2pm – published by 7 pm, and shared via social media).

Changes to meeting locations/formats or cancellations to upcoming Syracuse, NE area events and meetings in an effort to minimize the risk spreading COVID-19 in our community.

As organizations or businesses contact us with event and meeting cancellations, we are posting them below. We’ll also add an event or meeting that is still happening and publicize any changes to meeting location or format (virtual call vs. face-to-face) to comply with social distancing guidelines. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive; we encourage you to call-ahead prior to heading out to an area event, meeting or activity.

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Food pantry and community assistance for local residents in need, as well as Syracuse area residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Quick links to help everyone easily find their favorite Worship Services online. Plus, details about some other great things our Syracuse area churches are doing to help us all Keep the Faith.  If you don’t see your church listed here, ask your church office to send their info to

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Resources and links that may be helpful to local residents who may be working from home or unemployed. Plus tips for area businesses trying to navigate a new way of operating in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

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Tips and tools for helping families and kids figure out good ways to spend their time while adapting to a new way of living in this time of social distancing. Healthy Living. Fun Activities. Learning Tools. Apps. And More!

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In a time of crisis such as this, it’s important for all residents, area businesses and local leaders to work together to help our community get through this challenging time. Here are a few more suggestions gathered from various sources:

1. Keep yourself and your family at home unless you must go out for groceries or work. The best way for us to keep our older and medically at risk community members safe is for everyone (including the young, healthy people) to only go out when they have to. We also need to do our part to keep our local health care workers virus free. This means no play dates for the little ones and skipping even small gatherings for teens and adults, working from home if at all possible, and keeping your kids at home with you.

Our local hospital has limited intensive care capabilities and larger hospitals will be overwhelmed quickly if we don’t slow the spread of this virus. The best way to keep those with medical conditions and our elderly safe, is for ALL OF US to stay home and slow the spread (even among seemingly healthy people). Social distancing when we must go out and giving up our time with friends is not fun for anyone, but it is necessary to save lives. If we all work together… we may only have to comply for weeks instead of months.

2. Check-in on the elderly living in your neighborhood. Calling is best, but if you must knock on the door… remain outside and keep your distance (at least 6 ft.). If you are healthy and not in a high-risk group, offer to pick-up their medications or groceries and drop them off outside their front door. If you deliver to them, consider wiping things down as you drop them off. Be sure the elderly and those in need of assistance know that Terry’s Family Foods will accept call-in orders and deliver to them within Syracuse city limits; or they can call-ahead to for curbside pickup. While living in a world of social distancing, a simple phone conversation with someone living alone can really help to make them feel less isolated and brighten their day.

3. Make a monetary donation to the local food pantry. In trying to limit exposure for everyone, the food pantry staff asks that you give monetary donations in lieu of purchasing food at this time. They anticipate high demand for those in need, and will be working with Terry’s to get food in support of our local businesses. Checks payable to Syracuse Area Churches Food Pantry can be dropped off or mailed to FirstBank of Nebraska at P.O. Box 340, Syracuse, NE  68446.

4. Support our Syracuse area businesses by buying everything you can locally. Times such as these are when you realize just how lucky we are to have so many products and services available right in our community! The Coronavirus pandemic is bound to take a toll on our local businesses. These business donate to area fundraisers, cheer on student athletes at ball games, and pitch in to help with community events. If you are able, please do what you can to support them during this challenging time. If you aren’t sure how to do business with them at this time, see our Local Business Hours & Available Services tab on this page. One of the ways you can help local businesses now is by buying gift cards to redeem in the future.

5. Get creative about alternative ways to socialize with others safely. Utilize apps such as Messenger Kids, FaceTime, Snapchat, Marco Polo, What’s App, Zoom, and other social media platforms. Make liberal use of phone and video connections to maintain relationships, but don’t visit in person, especially nursing homes and hospitals.

6. Get outside and enjoy spring, but only with your family. Consider outdoor activities that don’t require people to touch the same items and allow everyone to keep the 6 ft. recommended distance. Participate in the Syracuse Window Walks for kids, get outside for a walk or run, go fishing, start a new workout routine, play a game “Horse” with each person using their own basketball, or play a round of golf while avoiding touching flag poles on greens.

The arrival of COVID-19 in Southeast Nebraska has dramatically changed the way we go about our daily activities. Social distancing is essential to slowing the transmission of this virus in order to lessen the flow into our hospitals and save lives.

Our goal is to provide a one-stop resource for accessing news and announcements that affect people in the Syracuse, Nebraska area. We will do our best to share timely, reliable information in an effort to make it easier for local residents to:

–  Stay up-to-date about what is happening with COVID-19 in the Syracuse, Nebraska area.

–  Find health & safety recommendations from our local hospital and government agencies.

–  Understand what each person in our community can do now to help.

–  Stay informed of changes to local business hours and product/service delivery methods.

–  Connect to resources available for those in need of food or other assistance.

Please know that we are doing our best to include as much relevant information as possible; however, know that this page is not all-inclusive, so be sure to do your own research as well.

If you know of additional information that we should consider adding to this page, please email the Syracuse Area Chamber of Commerce or call us at 402-269-3242. We will review your request in a timely manner and contact you with any questions. Updates received by 2 pm will be published by 7 pm, and then shared via social media.